There is CURRENTLY no higher education for nutrition in the entire country of Haiti.


Haiti has the lowest life expectancy of the Western Hemisphere


Hypertension kills more Haitians each year than HIV, cholera, tuberculosis, and malaria combined.


In Haiti, there is almost no nutrition education, at any level of schooling. This means that the vast majority of the population would not know HOW to find proper or sufficient nutrients for their children or how to improve their diet- even if they were encouraged to do so by medical professionals.

With non-communicable disease rising and the lowest life expectancy of the Western Hemisphere, Haiti is in desperate need. A population without nutrition and health education is extremely vulnerable to death and debilitation from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and cancer. While we often think of malnutrition as a lack of access to food (which, in some cases, can definitely be true), much of the population here in Haiti has some choice in the types of foods they purchase. They deserve the right to know how to make a good choice for themselves and their families.